Bible Study

This week at Bible Study we had 4 gentleman join us, 2 regular attendees, a gentleman who has joined us in the  past and a new comer.

During our time together we  looked at Mathew 11:20 – 30 which were titled “Woe on unrepentant towns” and “The Father revealed in the Son”.
The newcomer had very little sleep the night before and  fell asleep during our discussion about the text , but when he woke up he asked  a number of questions like did he need to go to Church if he was a  Christian. He also told us that he had never read the Bible before.
He was concerned about how he would be received if he attended Church. We encouraged him to come to our Tuesday evening meal (once a month) that is run at our Centre by the Globe Church. In that way he could meet some of the volunteers and then he would know people should he want to attend.
We hope he keeps coming to Bible Study, meets other Christians and connects with a local Church.