Covid – 19 Update: Hotels

Over the last few weeks we have been working with the local outreach teams to help assist the effort in getting our homeless off the street and into hotels, so they can self-isolate. Although this has been challenging, we are seeing how this new working relationship is bearing visible fruit. 

We have been able to provide vital information to the outreach teams to assist them in getting the 70+ people who have been coming to Webber Street allocated a single room in a hotel. Although it has taken some time for this to happen, our guests have remained calm, appreciative and hopeful despite their disappointment and frustration of how long the process has taken. We have been able to assure our guests that both ourselves and the outreach teams are trying their utmost to support them at this time.

A highlight for the team returning to Webber Street after the Easter weekend was that we saw a visible reduction in the number of our homeless guests waiting to be allocated a space. A space where they can stay safe, get fed and self-isolate.  

We are so grateful that our efforts and the hard-work and dedication of the local outreach teams is starting to pay off and we can finally start to see significant progress in getting rough sleepers off of the streets and into accommodation. We can confirm that we are now only waiting for approximately 40+ Webber Street guests to be allocated a space.  

Our aim in the coming week is to work even more closely with the Lambeth and Southwark outreach teams in the hope of getting the remaining rough sleepers off the streets and into safe and secure accommodation as soon as possible.