Incomparable Kindness

Eight weeks into the UK shut down and Webber Street is still operating under the government guidelines and caring for vulnerable people to the best of our ability. 

Although our physical building still remains closed, our hearts and our hands remain open and we are more committed to serving our guests during this time than ever before. 

The great weather and sunshine have definitely helped our guests who are still out on the streets feel more positive and have helped make their situation be more bearable than if it was cold out or miserable. 

We are still seeing some of our guests be verified as homeless by the local outreach teams and be referred for accommodation. Although this is a timely process, it is so satisfying to find out that they have been allocated a space and we rejoice and are so happy for each one of them when they are accommodated. Many times, their first comment after being informed they have accommodation is that they say that they can’t wait to have a shower which is not surprising as many of them have not had a shower for a number of weeks. 

In the interim they are grateful for the toiletries The Globe Church is providing which we are able to distribute to them a few times each week.  

A surprise and encouragement for the team at Webber Street and the Mission is a thank-you message we received in the Metro from one of our guests who has been accessing our services for the past two months.  


  • We have been able to remain in contact with one of the young females who we were able to refer to the outreach team for accommodation. We speak to her on a regular basis over the phone and have been able to deliver toiletries and books to her. We were able to give her a copy of The Cross and the Switchblade by David Wilkerson and other Christian literature which she really appreciated.  
  • One of our Romanian guests who was waiting for a hotel allocation was getting very discouraged and despondent at how long the process was taking. It was such a delight to tell him one morning that he had been allocated a space. After he got his takeaway breakfast, one of the local outreach teams arranged transport for him to where he was allocated from the Day Centre. His surprise and beaming face as he got into the UBER is a picture that will remain etched in my memory forever. Language was a barrier but his exuberance and the expression on his face reflected how grateful he was. 
  • Witnessing local Churches and individuals being mindful and generous toward our work amongst the homeless and the poor. We are so grateful to every person and Church who has given so freely of their time and resources, etc. so that we can continue providing a vital service to our guests during the COVID-19 pandemic.