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Bible Study

This week we began to study Matthews Gospel with 5 of our guests.

Genealogies can seem uninteresting at first, however Matthew begins with the lineage of Jesus to show God’s grace goes right back to Abraham.

With this wonderful hind sight we can all be encouraged when we see how God used Abraham, David and Rahab as flawed people, to fulfil His purposes, it encourages us who are also flawed by sin.

We have invited 2 guests to attend a Christianity Explored course at All Souls Church in February.
Pray that they will go and learn more about Jesus, who can give us a fresh start.

Bible Study

This week we had 5 guests studying and discussing John 18 & 19.
We discussed the question “What is truth?” which is so hard to find in todays world.
If we cant trust politicians to tell the truth who can we trust?
Only Jesus tells us complete truth and this truth is in His word.

Pray for guests who have been let down by the systems politicians have set up which have made life difficult for them.

We can trust Jesus always!

Bible Study

We were joined by 5 guests this week around the Word of God.

We studied John 16 v 17 – 34 and discussed how the disciples must have felt as Jesus explained
that “in a little while you will see me no more, and then after a little while you will see me, because I am going to the Father”

After discussing further with the disciples Jesus exclaimed “You believe at last!
Sometimes we just have to trust and believe in Jesus, even though the circumstances make us fearful.
Remember Jesus words in verse 33, “But take heart! I have overcome the world”.

Bible Study

We had 10 guests gathered around the Word to study John 13 v 31 – 38.

We read how Jesus predicted Peter’s denial of Christ and yet Peter vowed to lay down his life for Jesus.
Despite Peter’s failure Jesus restored him later. This gives us great encouragement as all of us have failed
Him at times and yet Jesus restores us too, because He loves us so much.

Pray for our guests who are struggling against addictions, that they will turn to Jesus for help and forgiveness.

Bible Study

This week we gathered around God’s word with some new seekers, studying John 13.

As we read about Jesus washing the disciple’s feet, it was humbling for us to consider how Jesus led by example. Someone called God’s kingdom an upside down kingdom, as Jesus ways are often the opposite to worldly ways. If we follow Jesus example and serve one another “Now that you know theese things, you will be blessed if you do them” V.17.

Let us have this same attitude as we serve others, no matter who they are.

Bible Study

This week God drew 3 men to the bible study and we studied John chapter 12.
Jesus was entering Jerusalem on a young donkey’s back, and the crowd of his followers helped fulfill Zachariah 9 v 9.

Despite many signs and miracles including Lazarus being raised from the dead, the chief priests and the pharisees were unbelieving due to the hardness of their hearts.

Pray that God would open the eyes of one of our guests who only sees judgment ahead and doesn’t understand grace.
Pray that he will come back and let us tell him more about God’s grace, which is freely available to all who believe.

Bible Study

We had a blessed time at bible study this week with 7 of our guests.

We looked at the story of the woman caught in adultery brought to Jesus.
He showed her compassion, forgiveness and love and still does today with us.
Jesus is a friend of sinners and a defender of the weak.
That’s why we love him!


Bible Study

Eleven of out guests had a lovely Easter dinner with us this week at bible study and we looked at the Easter story in John 19 & 20.

Without Jesus death on the cross we would never have a right relationship with God our Father.
Jesus death on the cross demonstrates God’s love for us and no-one has ever loved us like Jesus and no-one ever will.


Bible Study

This week we looked at John 6 with 7 guests,  the feeding of the five thousand.

We discussed how God sees our circumstances differently to the way we do.
Jesus saw the need for food to feed the people, as an opportunity to teach the disciples how to exercise faith.
Sometimes out difficult circumstances cause us to trust God more.
Its not what we have, its what God can and will do with what we have that counts.


Bible Study

This week we continued our study of John chapter 5 v 31 – 47 with 7 guests.

We discussed v 40 “yet you refuse to come to me to have life”.
The life Jesus talks about, is not only Eternal Life when we die, but a spirit filled life here on earth which gives us power to overcome sin.
Pray that those who come to the bible study regularly would become alive in Christ and dead to sin and its power over them.