One of the best ways you can help bring hope to London’s homeless is to pray. Below are a few prayers points that will help you pray for the on-going work at Webber Street throughout the week.


Mondays are one of our busiest days, so please pray that we can give time to those who need it most. Weekends can be hard for guests, and Monday is the day that it all comes out. Please pray for a peaceful start to the week.


Many guests attend and enjoy the Film Club. Films provide a great way to talk about life’s big questions. Please pray for wisdom for all those involved, and for great conversations to arise from the content of the films.


‘On earth as it is in heaven’: pray that the guests would experience a little bit of heaven. Pray also for the staff team, for safety, wisdom, energy and passion!


The Bible study runs today from 12.00 to 1.00pm. Pray for those sharing God’s Word, that they would present the gospel clearly. Pray that guests would listen and participate well, and that their hearts would be opened to the gospel.


Fridays are very different from the rest of the week. In the morning Webber Street operates as an advice centre where we help people take the next step (employment, accommodation, etc.). Pray that the amazing work God is doing continues and increases.


On Saturdays Webber Street is run by a group of Christian volunteers. Give thanks that they willing give up their time. Pray for wisdom and good relationships between guests and volunteers.


We are closed on a Sunday. Please pray for several guests who now attend church. This is a great encouragement!