Ways To Get Involved

Ways to get involved

Would your business like to partner with Webber Street as we seek to bring hope to London’s homeless? If so, here are some examples of ways you could get involved*:

FINANCIAL SUPPORT: We are extremely grateful to everyone who wishes to donate a financial gift. Here’s an indication of what your money will go towards: £350 will allow us to buy enough breakfasts for the week; £140 enables us to run a film club once a week; and £1,100 means we can run Further Fridays, our weekly advice centre.

PAY TO RUN WEBBER STREET FOR A DAY: It costs £1,200 a day to run Webber Street. By choosing to pay for a day, you will be ensuring we can provide tea and coffee, breakfast, showers, a friendly smile and conversation, advice and a safe place for our guests to be for a morning.

SPONSOR ONE OF OUR SERVICES: You might like to sponsor one of our services for a month. As well as our daily breakfasts, we provide a weekly film club and a weekly advice centre.

PROVIDE ESSENTIAL SUPPLIES: Perhaps you would like to donate certain supplies for our work, such as tins of baked beans, paper cups, shower products, newspapers, clothing, computers, printers, TV, DVD player and films.

STAFF COLLECTION BOX: Why not put one of our collection boxes in your reception area, staff kitchen or office to allow your staff to give to Webber Street? For example, by donating 50p while making themselves a cup of tea, your staff could help pay for one of our guests to have a cooked breakfast.

EMPLOYEE FUNDRAISING: Faced with the visibility of homelessness in this area, we find that many people would like to help but don’t know how. By working with you on employee fundraising initiatives together we can help increase awareness of the issues of homelessness and explain how Webber Street helps.

We would be delighted to discuss any of these options with you and to talk through how you could partner with us to bring hope to London’s homeless.

To find out more about the businesses we already work with, please click here.


* Donations will go towards the running of Webber Street